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Modeling Definitions

Please find below a brief description of modeling definitions as currently used by our agency. Please note precise definitions may vary between modeling agencies. Our modeling definitions are provided to assist potential clients and photographs to select a suitable model for their specific requirements.

Our modeling definitions are also a help to both experienced models and new talent in deciding which sector of the industry they wish to work, it is essential to understand what are the requirements and if you they can meet them.

So what are the main sectors, markets and types of modeling?


High fashion and designer labels are large users of models, these garments are designed for what fashion designers regard as the "ideal woman"; she is someone who is tall, slender and leggy and generally very young. This is someone who is 5'9" or above and a size 8 to 10. For men this is 6' or above and a 40 regular. Over and above this it is essential to have a "look". The "look" can be the classic beauty, to the more individual or extreme look which may be in vogue at the time. The catwalk model shows the public garment or beauty products for greatest effect.


Fashion editorial modeling for today's fashion and beauty magazines provide a great deal of work for fashion models that may not exactly match catwalk requirements. Here it is more important to have a look of being tall and slender and that the sample clothes will fit you. It is essential that you are photogenic and you can only know this by doing a test shoot. Editorial work is a great way for building a model's reputation and getting tear sheets for your portfolio.

Fashion runway modeling may be for a fashion show or a department store, the model needs to bring the clothes to life and display important features of the garment, this can determine how well they sell. He or she needs to compliment the clothes and move well in them.


There are a significant number of catalogues produced, these catalogues require models to pose in the clothes they are trying to sell, whether they are high street fashion, children's wear or work wear. Generally catalogue models are picked because they represent the ideal of the market sector they are targeting. This opens up many opportunities for the petite, girl next door or mature model. The philosophy behind this kind of marketing is thought transference, the person looking at the catalogue hopes to look as nice as the person pictured in the catalogue. Because of the amount of photographs needed to build a catalogue a great deal of work is created for models.


Because of the revealing nature of this type of modeling very good body tone and proportions are essential. The same may be said of swimwear which may be considered under the same category.


Unlike fashion or catwalk there are no height or size requirements, glamour modeling wants you to have curves that you are willing to show off and instead of that elusive "look", glamour models need to be more of the drop dead gorgeous description. Topless models can find work in the higher end of men's magazines such as Playboy, FHM etc, calendars and posters  and a great deal of work is available for car and motorbike magazines. Topless models need to be over 18.

Implied nude

Where implied nudity is required for a shot, the essence of the photograph will be suggestive of nudity, but not revealing.  For commercial photography work a typical example would be where the model is taking a shower but no directly revealing shots are shown. This can be contrasted with Maxim magazine, where again, the nudity is non-revealing, but is clearly more glamour than commercial. Models for implied nude should be over 18.

Full nude

Full nude or artistic nude is a form of nudity that is tasteful in the nature of the poses, but is still revealing. Photographers who do this often work in black and white or with special lighting effects .Generally speaking, these types of photographs are often intended for gallery displays rather than magazines. Models for full nude should be over 18.


Modeling for fetish sites can provide a wide range of work. As the name implies it covers very specific areas of interest, these can be as varied as tight jeans, to punk or gothic, to domination. Models should always make sure that they have a clear understanding of the assignment and what is involved before accepting fetish work. Models for fetish modeling should be over 18.


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